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It just might be the one thing that could make you love your cat more.

We are sorry for the inconvenience, but we have discontinued sales of the three starter kits below:
・Nyantomo Purr Fect Potty Hooded Box Starter Kit
・Nyantomo Purr Fect Potty Open Box Starter Kit
・Nyantomo Purr Fect Potty Starter kit for Kitten

However, the following refill products will remain available on Amazon.com until supplies are exhausted.
・Nyantomo Purr Fect Potty Deodorizing Litter Large Pellets Refill, 152.6 Cubic Inch
・Nyantomo Purr Fect Potty Deodorizing Litter Small Pellets Refill, 152.6 Cubic Inch
・Nyantomo Purr Fect Potty Deodorizing Litter Pads Refill, 8 Pads

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ProductCheck for Cat's Urine

Did you know…?About one in two sick cats are diagnosed with a urinary disorder.

Cats Are Destined to Have Urinary Disorders

Living in the desert, the ancestors of today's housecats evolved to make the best possible use of such water as was available in their environment and in their bodies. To retain water, their kidneys tend to work overtime concentrating urine. That is why many of today's cats are prone to chronic kidney disease and feline lower urinary tract disease (FLUTD) such as bladder stones and cystitis. Our research shows that 46.8% of cats with a history of medical conditions have been diagnosed with urological problems.

Home urinary care is a new but important routine for your cat's wellbeing and longevity.

Early Diagnosis is Key: Double-check at Home and at the Clinic

Routine checks are the key to early detection of your cat's urological problem.
Have you noticed any difference in your cat's urine when cleaning up the litter box? How about a change in your cat's behavior? Be observant: You may be the only one who can notice these signs, because you're the person your cat spends time with. Regular health checkups at a veterinary clinic are also important for early diagnosis. Annual examinations are recommended, even if your cat appears healthy.

What kind of disease has your cat experienced before? Urological problems may manifest themselves as… Information from the Vet!Home urine samples are ideal for veterinary examination. In addition to the routine urine checks you can do at home, an annual urinary analysis at your vet's clinic is highly recommended. Veterinarians can take a urine sample from your cat at the clinic, but the experience can be a very stressful one for your pet. As an alternative, you can take a clean urine sample using a litter box like the Nyantomo System. Checking your cat's behavior when urinating is recommended. However, don't watch the cat too closely while in the litter box—you may make the animal feel stressed. Pretend you're not watching! Dr. Fumio Imoto, Director, IMOTO Animal Hospital

So, What Can You Do?

Introducing a New, Once-a-month Routine! Protect Your Cat's Health with a Home Urine Check

The Nyantomo System makes it easy to check your cat's urine!

Feline urine is full of important health information. In order to recognize early signs of a urinary problem, it's essential to routinely check your cat's urine (in liquid form). The Nyantomo System allows urine to pass through the litter pellets onto the tray underneath for easy sampling.

How it works

Step 1: Taking a Urine Sample *Use new Nyantomo's litter pellets when taking a sample for your clinic.

Remove the pads to allow urine to collect in the tray.

For accurate evaluation of color and volume, transfer the urine into a measuring cup.

See the Nyantomo System in Action!

Step 2: What to Look for

The color, volume, and odor of urine can vary from one cat to the next depending on each animal's diet, water intake, activity level, and lifestyle. Keep in mind that any sudden change may suggest a urological problem.
Color:Healthy urine is light yellow. Volume:Know how much urine your cat produces on a typical day. Odor:Be alarmed when it's different.
Normal urine color
When you notice a change, it is recommended to consult your veterinarian as soon as possible.
Have your cat's urine analyzed by your vet at least once a year, even if your cat appears healthy. It's best to collect a urine sample at home to avoid subjecting your pet to unnecessary stress.
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